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Drone aerial photo of Santa Maria Bay overlooking Maravilla and the Montage Los Cabos.

Project Overview



Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


4 Days


200 pax


1,835 miles from Chicago

Beyond the VIP treatment.

Company leaders and their significant others traveled to the beautiful Montage Los Cabos for an incredible weekend of connecting and re-connecting with highly-motivated, like-minded peers. Each and every guest was treated to the highest level of service and hospitality over the course of this 4-day, 3-night program.

Top Challenge:

Originally scheduled to take place in 2020, COVID-19 closures and postponements pushed this program for two full years, resulting in the need to fully re-plan each detail from start to finish. 

Our Solution:

Our team was onsite for the final pre-program site in 2020 when news of COVID-19 hit the global networks. Within two weeks, it became clear that postponement was inevitable. Our team worked closely with the Montage Los Cabos and our local vendor team to re-negotiate all contracts and re-plan each detail of this full program multiple times over the course of an unanticipated two-year delay. Thanks to a phenomenal team of event professionals, this weekend came together seamlessly and is championed as one of the best retreats that this group has ever experienced. 

Program Highlights

  • Full buyout of the Montage Los Cabos.

  • Keynote speaker presentations.

  • Al fresco Welcome Party built for guest interaction with food stations, cocktail lounges, and live music. 

  • Member connection oriented small dinners creatively designed in (7) new and unexpected onsite locations.

  • Pop-up Night Club at the Cabo San Lucas Spa with a clear dance floor spanning the spa pool.

  • Closing Party at a highly-exclusive location formatted for guests to share their program experiences.

  • Onsite and offsite activities including scuba diving, mountain biking, ATV driving, cooking classes, and recreational options.

  • Custom-built full group team-building competition focused on recognizing and capitalizing on the strengths of each team member. 

  • Design and production of (14) individual events over the course of (3) days.

  • Ground transportation for all airport transfers and offsite events. 

  • Copy writing and content creation for program app.

Photos by EM Weddings Photo + Video

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