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LED wall with buildings behind focal bar for corporate event.

Corporate Event Services

As a full-service production management company, we take on the heavy lifting when it comes to your corporate meeting or event. From venue selection to talent sourcing to vendor management, we will expertly handle the logistics and details. Recognizing that each program is unique in the scope of work, we never shy away from new challenges, striving to achieve the desired end results in the most impactful way possible. Whether we have weeks or years to plan, you can trust our team to make it happen every time. 

Cocktail reception with blue uplighting at Aba and The Dalcy.


Let us do the footwork.

Whether planning locally or in a destination location, our team will explore all of the venue and location options based on your desired aesthetic, guest count, production requirements, and event flow. Drawing on our extensive, worldwide experience we will work to provide you with the most impactful setting for your program.

  • Destination Research​

  • Site Advance and Inspection

  • Location/Venue Selection

  • Program Flow Optimization

  • Production Compatibility

  • Guest Experience Elevation

  • Budget Assessment

  • Contract Negotiation

Four Seasons Orlando.

Hotel Blocks

Negotiating your stay.

With a strong background in hotels, our team is perfectly equipped to source and negotiate all contracts from room blocks to full buyouts. Our insight into the preferred systems and processes allows us to leverage a strong working partnership and produce greater benefits for our clients as we work through branding opportunities, custom activations, and enhanced program inclusions.

  • Hotel Research and Selection

  • Contract Negotiation

  • Rooming List Management

  • Branding Opportunities

  • Meeting Space for General Session and Breakouts

  • Food and Beverage Activations

  • Group Arrivals and Departures

Dos Arroyos Campsite team building activities.

Group Activities

Team building with impact.

There is no better way to help your team build trust and camaraderie than through shared experiences enhanced with a little friendly competition. Team members will learn from and about each other as new talents are discovered, strong partnerships are formed, and each participant is re-invigorated to push themselves and their colleagues to new heights.

  • Onsite and Offsite Activities

  • Ground Transfers

  • Customized, Thematic Food and Beverage Offerings

  • Intentional Group Assignments

  • Customized Activity Enhancements

  • Dine Arounds

Coach buses staged outside Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.


From arrival to departure.

Transportation is easily one of the greatest variables in any event or program. Subsequently, this is one area where we put extra focus every time. Our trusted partners work hard to ensure that all transfers are efficient and reliable while providing maximum comfort. Guest service is everything and we provide the personal touch with friendly staff guiding guests along the way.

  • Ground Transportation

  • Meet and Greet Service

  • Arrival/Departure Manifests

  • VIP Transfers

  • Comfort Enhancements

  • Luggage Pull Coordination

  • Departure Notices

  • F&B for Extended Transfers

Sway pole performers at corporate event.

Budget Management

Adding value line by line.

We understand the vast difference between cost and worth, and we know how to allocate your budget accordingly. Understanding your goals and target spend allows us to build your event or program around these parameters. From there, we maintain a highly detail budget tracking estimates to actuals to ensure that your program achieves an exceptional ROI.

  • Cost versus Worth Analysis

  • Optimal Budget Allocation

  • Detailed Budget Management

  • Budget versus Actuals Tracking

  • Partnership Leverage

  • Mark Up Minimization

  • Industry Market Impact

  • Sponsorship Recognition

Katy Perry performing at a private event.

Talent Procurement

Headliners making headlines. 

Most talent sourcing companies utilize booking agencies, resulting in extraneous fees and unnecessary layers of communications. We specialize in direct to agent bookings, removing the middle man and streamlining the entire process. From headliners to keynote speakers to supporting acts, we source the perfect entertainment for your event, ever building to a sensational climax.

  • Talent Research

  • Direct to Agent Sourcing

  • Contract Negotiation

  • Production Management

  • Technical Rider Fulfillment

  • Hospitality Rider Fulfillment

  • Travel Rider Fulfillment

  • Meet & Greet Logistics

Technology-centric entrance into a corporate celebration event.

Production Acumen

Technically, we get it. 

Starting with venue and location compatibility, we assess and oversee every production aspect of your program from content creation to audio-visual requirements to show flow. In partnership with our production teams, we create immersive experiences that have impressed even A-list headliner production teams delivering maximum guest engagement.

  • Production Assessment

  • Site Compatibility

  • Technical Production Management

  • Content Creation

  • Talent Production Requirements

  • Full Production Timeline

  • Show Flow Management

Corporate celebration event with elevated platforms, lounge seating, and LED walls.

Design Aesthetics

From concept to creation.

Your vision is the springboard for our team to create an environment filled with artistry and imagination. Our collaborative creative sessions with our design teams produce one exciting idea after another as we craft the overall event aesthetic. Scenic installations, custom collections, and stunning floral artwork all work in tandem to transform and transfix.

  • Concept Presentation

  • Artistic Direction

  • Design Implementation

  • Collaborative Sessions

  • Rentals Sourcing

  • Event Décor

  • Floor Plans and Layouts

  • Installation Management

Chef giving a demonstration using the flambé method.

Food and Beverage

Taste the difference.

Whether working with a dedicated in-house team or selecting the perfect caterer we will guide you in the right direction. Our extensive background in off-premise catering allows us to propose new, exciting concepts with the know-how to implement them. Minimizing wait times and maximizing guest experience are crucial elements that we prioritize in the food and beverage planning.

  • Caterer Selection

  • Menu Design and Activations

  • Beverage Service Overview

  • Efficiency Implementation

  • Service Points Assessment

  • Custom Station Builds

  • Enhanced Staffing

  • Program Flow of Service

Customized giveaway gifts from Radio Flyer.


Identifying opportunities.

Your program should feel exclusive and highly customized to you and your audience. Working closely with your team we will identify all areas where branding may be tastefully implemented while providing maximum impact. We think outside of the box and create new avenues for your messaging allowing for a cohesive brand experience that flows naturally throughout your event.

  • Hotel Environmental Branding

  • Soft Goods Branding

  • Custom Welcome Amenities

  • Branded/Personalized Gifting

  • Directional Signage

  • Printed Agendas

  • Welcome Packets

  • Transportation Branding

Event staff interacting with guests at private event in Tokyo.

Hospitality Services

Enhancing the experience.

There are many ways to make your guests feel special and prioritized. Whether it's enhanced hotel services, dedicated concierge staff, or a privatized hospitality lounge, we draw on your knowledge of your employees or clients to key into what will add the most value to their experience. Each guest should feel like a VIP and we're here to make it happen.

  • Private Hospitality Lounge

  • Hotel Service Enhancements

  • Dedicated Concierge

  • Guest Experience Liaisons

  • Event Services Staff

  • Event and Guest Dossier 

  • Dedicated Group Check-In

  • Welcome and Departure F&B

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